Election of the new LACPA Council

Wednesday, 9 April 2014 - 3:00am

The elections of the LACPA council lead to the following results: Mr. Elie Abboud - President, and the members: Hekmat Nawfal, Georges Chartouni, Hanna Said, Musbah Majzoub, Abdel Kader El Saghir, Samir Nassar, Ghassan El Kadi, Roula Makhlouf, and Nabil Choujah. Mr. Antoine Harfouche and Dr. Elias Merhej were elected as members of the Disciplinary Council while Mr. Sami Mikati and Moustafa Hamdoun were elected as alternative members.

The General Assembly was attended by 861 CPA’s out of 1350 members, and the voting and scrutiny procedure revealed that the “Union Work” list had won, presided by Mr. Elie Abboud.

Upon the declaration of results, president Abboud declared that the only difference between LACPA members is their deployed work and efforts, thanking all parties for the democracy which governed the electoral procedures, asserting that the new council will endeavor to implement its program with the cooperation of all members regardless of their position in order to promote LACPA to the highest levels”.

The former president, Amine Saleh, had chaired, before the end of the electoral session, a general assembly in which he enumerated the achievements of the council within the past two years, and he wished the new LACPA Council and its president all the success to pursue the modernization path on which they worked together and which have has become a materialized project ready to be submitted to the General Assembly.