The External Audit Ethical Standards, A Trip to the Roots

Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 2:00am

The seminar was presented by the LACPA member, Mr. Elie Safar, a member of the training committee and in coordination with the LACPA committee of professional conduct.

The seminar focused on the importance of professional ethics in general and the audit profession in particular where the auditor must abide by specific code of ethics, namely the Code of Professional Conduct of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants issued and approved on April 3, 2006 pursuant to Decision No. 1/463.

Based on the basic principles of the Code of Professional Conduct and the amendments recently issued by the International Federation of Accountants, and with the participation of the Chairman of the LACPA Committee of Investigation and Professional Discipline, Mr. Joseph Matta, and the presence and participation of LACPA Vice-President Mr. Hisham El Moukammal, the Coordinator of the Training Committee, the lecturer explained the LACPA code of Ethics and went through the subject matter, with the attendees, through practical exercises and active discussions.