The new LACPA council honours economic journalists

Thursday, 29 May 2014 - 3:00am

The new LACPA council celebrated its election by organizing a dinner of acquaintance between the elected council and the economic journalists, at Le Royal Hotel – Dbayeh, gathering the LACPA Council as well as many editors-in-chief and editors of the Economy pages in the press, TV and radios.   

The president of LACPA, Elie Abboud addressed the attendees “our meeting of acquaintance shall set the foundation for our success and our goals stated in the LACPA Council plan of work for the next stage, which features general titles leading to a working plan proportional to the responsibilities vested upon us by our General Assembly and which we are honoured to assume”.   

“Such titles include the following:

  • Endeavour to ensure the qualification of the LACPA members and their accurate implementation of their controlling tasks, according to the enforced laws and regulations.
  • Consolidate our cooperation with the controlling bodies, especially the Committee for Control on Banks and the Commission for Controlling the Insurance Bodies, for complementary roles of control.
  • Intensify the necessary measures to encourage merger operations between LACPA members in order to join efforts and face any upcoming risks.
  • Activate the protocol of cooperation concluded between LACPA and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Intensify the sessions of qualification and training on auditing programs and accounting and auditing systems and work files in order to ensure the fulfilment of their aspired goals.
  • Conclude local conferences and take part in Arab and International conferences for continuous professional update.
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Justice and the Higher Judiciary Council in order to obtain the organizational, qualifying and controlling means leading to the rectification of the course of the tasks delegated to CPA’s before courts.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, such factors are susceptible of upgrading the profession in Lebanon, in line with its international peers, hence it shall help LACPA to undertake its important role in the national economy. 
  • The LACPA council will work on ensuring its interests and the interests of CPA’s, professionally, administratively and socially in order to fulfil the goals of its law and regulations. 

Abboud concluded “I reiterate, on behalf of my fellow members of the LACPA council, our gratefulness for your presence, support and contribution to achieving the best for our society. This will not be our last gathering; we will always assert that our unity is our identity. Your writings and thoughts enlighten and straighten the financial and economic, while our writings and thoughts enlighten and feature the fairness of the financial statements for the private sector which is considered the pillar of our national economy. With our writings and thought we draw the path for our general financial policy, straightening its course and rationalizing its expenses.   

Ladies and gentlemen, our goal and responsibility are one; let us work together in order to reach a professional and national practice”.


The editor in chief of RLL Radio, Mr. Antoine Mrad, spoke on behalf of the invited journalists, congratulating president Abboudanf the new LACPA council, and thanked them for their invitation, praising “the renaissance witnessed by LACPA and its professional standards, and its impartiality as per the political and sectarian sensitivities”.