Excel for Business & Finance Workshop (Excel your financial skills)

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Registration Link: http://www.imalebanon.org/event-registration/

Date: Tuesday May 08, 2018 & Wednesday May 09, 2018

Timing: from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Purpose: Conduct a professional workshop under IMA Lebanon Chapter to promote

professional development for the benefit of their members as well as other professionals.

Venue: Smallville Hotel, Badaro, Beirut


Ø 10 – 25 participants

Ø Financial, Accounting, Management and Audit backgrounds

Ø Entry to Top-Level management

Workshop Fees:

Ø $325 to LACPA & IMA members (50% Discount)

Ø $423 to other professionals or groups of 2 and more (35% Discount)

Ø $650 to other individual participants

(Fee include lunch, coffee breaks, handouts, certificates and USBs)

Presentation Tools: Handouts, USBs, Excel & PowerPoint

Required Tools from Audience: Laptop & Microsoft Excel 2010/2013/2016

CPE Credits Granted: 16 CPE Credits Accredited by IMA & LACPA

Certificates Granted: Certificates will be issued by IMA Lebanon Chapter & IMA International

Trainers Biography:

Gaby is the founder & CEO of Serenity Advisors, a strategic and financial advisory firm as well

as the founder and managing partner of G.L. Real Estate, and president of IMA Lebanon Chapter.

Enjoys 10+ years of experience working in the fields of finance, accounting, education, and public

speaking across multiple industries catering for international and regional markets.

Gaby is a professional CMA, CFA, and PMP, holds a BS in Business Accounting and an MBA in

Banking & Finance.

Held multiple positions in regional & multinational organizations & reached the position of CFO,

a professional & academic instructor in multiple professional institutions and academic

universities teaching CMA, CFA, FP&A, Investment, financial management, etc., as well as

provide in-house training.

Workshop Description:

Imprint this in your mind, if you are in any industry, Excel will be one of the most efficient and

effective reporting and analytical tools throughout your career. Your knowledge in excel is your

skill. The intensive 2 days’ workshop focus on the technical excel skills essential in everyday

accounting, finance and managerial positions. It will dramatically speed your financial and

operational analytical skills.

Workshop Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Ø Validate data, construct financial models, perform what-if scenarios, evaluate financial

alternative, and perform cost-volume analysis.

Ø Use excel functions to achieve financial goals or meet financial requirements.

Ø Understand and create financial statements (P&L, SOFP, SOCF) and ratios.

Ø Measure management performance.

Ø Recommend actions based on solid outcomes.


Ø Real life case to be practiced by attendees in groups within the workshop.

Ø Calculate break-even points and/or required volumes via graphical analysis, algebra, or

excel goal seek tool to achieve financial goals.

Ø Analyze P&L, SOFP, SOCF & Ratios using excel.

Ø Perform common size financial statements time series, cross sectional, horizontal, and

vertical analysis.

Ø Design dashboards for reporting outcome findings.

Ø Create and analyze pivot tables & charts.

Ø Function formulas such as VLOOKUP, SUMIF, CONCATINATE, DCOUNT, etc.

Ø Use shortcuts, data validation, grouping and ungrouping, defined names, remove

duplicates, etc.

Ø Data manipulation, navigation, and conditional formatting.

Ø Protect your files, customized cells, sheets, workbooks and data.

Ø Record and view Macros.



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