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The Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants
A Commitment for a Future Evolution

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Address of the LACPA President, Mr. Sarkis Sakr

We are all part of the LACPA Family

We have always wished to have a LACPA Council featuring transparency, integrity and honesty, with a President and Council Members who listen to and understand the concerns of the colleagues and endeavor seriously for solving them, whereas each colleague is an integral part of LACPA, which is our one family, one for all and all for one.   

Our vision aims at a Council whose members cooperate for the public interest, a Council that does not discriminate, and that helps everyone to develop in order to reach an equal professional level.

The role of the Certified Accountant is a matter of trust to which we aspired and required from the business community when we started our professional life and established our association. It is a trust vested by the shareholders upon the auditor, while knowing that the auditor will provide them with a reliable opinion for the decision-making process.

We must be worthy of...

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