President Letter

President's  Word

One Main Objective: Be Proud of Being Part of the LACPA

Things and individuals change. Twenty years have passed since founding the LACPA. Many boards and presidents have been elected and served the association. Some remained in the field of service while others took another path. But the LACPA remains, with the same path of development and prosperity.

We came with a principle that the association’s work is an institutional work. A new phase has started with no turning back. Life drives us to the development and continuity and where the past is a mere source of lessons.

Today we have to keep deploying our endeavours to build on the past efforts and pillars established by our predecessors and understand the needs and demands of our colleagues and look after their issues, aspirations and ambitions. We have also to benefit from our available human resources and knowledge in order to pursue our work with the same vision: to the benefit of all colleagues.  

We came with a program aiming at anchoring the main values of the association’s work. Our council came with one objective: Professionals to be proud of being part of the LACPA. Our program was built on many core principles revolving on protecting the profession and the professionals, strengthening the international and local professional relations, and examining the LACPA performance as an establishment to ensure the good service of its members.

The future generations are an asset and a responsibility to be well taken care of. Hence, one of our program’s pillars focused on visiting universities and discussing curricula to prepare the future qualified professionals as well as communicating the practical, academic and ethical aspects of this profession.      

We have come to the LACPA with the confidence of the general assembly. Hence we will be focusing several professional subject matters including:

  • Emphasize on the role and statute of the certified accountant in the business community.
  • Maintain and develop the professional relationship of the LACPA and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Focus on the role of the LACPA in the legal, accounting and fiscal legislation
  • Sustain and improve the relation of the association with the supervisory bodies.
  • Strengthen the role of LACPA with the liberal professional associations’ in Lebanon.
  • Continue with the supportive role of LACPA in the implementation of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards -IPSAS- in Lebanon.
  • Protect the LACPA members’ rights and defend their interests.  
  • Follow up the illegal competition from non-members and non-auditors.
  • Create restraints and follow up procedures regarding the competition between colleagues and the communication between experts.
  • Activate the disciplinary council and the observance of the LACPA regulations and the professional code of ethics.
  • Activate of the LACPA committees’ role.
  • Follow up on the decision of the Higher Council for Accounting.
  • Respect the agreements and protocols and MOUs between LACPA and other bodies, and to build-on for mutual development and progress.   
  • Follow up any new updates or modifications on professional international standards and take action to ensure the good implementation of such standards.   
  • Establish a technical department to follow up on the implementation of the standards, laws, decrees and resolutions and receive and follow up on the inquiries of colleagues.
  • Establish and follow up on the professional training programs as per the international updates on the profession.
  • Follow up on the professional qualifications of colleagues which is the corner stone of the professional immunity, because immunity always starts from the experts’ themselves to evolve later into a legal immunity.
  • Follow up the LACPA Action Plan submitted to the International Federation of Accountants - IFAC.
  • Examine the administrative and executive structure of the association.
  • Assess and update the LACPA exams’ programs as per the economic and academic environment and ensure its conformity with the International Education Standards - IES. In addition, work on developing gradually a data bank with the accredited references for the trainees.
  • Address the universities in Lebanon and discuss their curricula in order to prepare the future prospected professionals.
  • Administer the LACPA retirement fund as per the financing and resources.
  • Administer the LACPA Mutual fund.    


No association can continue and prosper without activating its performance, which is an inevitable step for serving its members. We do have the human resources, the know-how, and the financial resources, which may be considered insufficient, yet, can be oriented towards serving colleagues, during their current professional activity and after their retirement.    

No one can succeed alone. Hence, we call on all members to take part in the works of the LACPA committees or within other activities for the sake of our association whereas we all assume responsibilities and benefit from the achievements.   

Our knowledge increase with days and our faith in the goodness within human beings remains unchanged. A true cooperation between colleagues within the same home and association is the guarantee for the continuity of our LACPA, which we wish to always thrive in pioneering positions.       



Salim Abdel Baki