How to be a Trainee

Membership application

Applicants to LACPA shall submit their Traineeship application, with the relevant documents fulfilling the conditions provided for in the articles 8 and 9 of the law organizing the profession as per Lebanese nationals, and in articles 18 and 19 of the same law as per non Lebanese.   

The Traineeship period shall start from the date of accepting the application according to article 9 of the law organizing the profession.


Submitting the exam

The trainee members who ended their Traineeship shall submit an exam decided by the LACPA Council and adopted by the Exams Committee as stipulated in article 8 of the law organizing the profession. As for holders of CPA certificates issued by international associations or institutes stated in the above article 8, they shall only be subject to relevant Lebanese laws exam according to the determined curriculum.  


Conditions of Traineeship

While observing the above articles, the trainee shall abide by the special provisions stipulated in the law organizing the profession, especially articles 9, 10, 12, 13, and the Traineeship shall be regulated according to the following bases:

  1. Trainees shall not be entitled to introduce themselves as CPAs, and may not establish an office in their name before accomplishing their traineeship and registering themselves in the general list.
  2. The traineeship period shall be determined of three full years.    

Such period shall be decreased to one year for holders of CPA certificates as stated in article 8 of the law 364/94 provided they obtain a practicing license in such countries.

Trainees must abide by attending the training and teaching curriculum adopted by LACPA’s Institute of Educational and Academic Training during the years of traineeship, under penalty of prohibiting them from submitting the exam, or delaying the latter, provided that the training hours are considered as actual work for the traineeship office.

  1. Trainees who move during their traineeship from one practicing CPA office to another, must inform the LACPA council of such, by virtue of a letter including the approval of the former and the latter, and in the event the approval may not be obtained from the latter for any reason whatsoever, the LACPA council shall be competent to peruse and adjudicate the issue within one month from the date of notification, otherwise their silence shall be considered as implicit approval. 
  2. Trainees must work as a full timer in the field, with a minimum of seven daily working hours, and in the event they discontinue such work without an acceptable justification, the practicing CPA at the premises of which the traineeship is performed must inform the LACPA council of such within fifteen days from the discontinuity, under the penalty of disciplinary liability.

Pursuant to such notification, the LACPA president shall address to the trainee a letter soliciting an explanation for such discontinuity, provided that the answer would be addressed within one week from the date of receiving the said letter by the intern, under penalty of submitting the matter to the LACPA council to take the appropriate decision.

  1. Trainees shall be entitled to submit the exam in six sessions within a maximum period of five years from the date of ending their Traineeship.
  2. Statuses of the trainees registered before LACPA, which have not successfully passed the Traineeship exam until the date of enforcement of the present bylaws, whereas they shall be allowed to submit the exams for four additional sessions within two years, starting the year 2014. The procedures for implementing the present paragraph shall be determined by a decision from the LACPA council.
  3. Trainees must submit to the LACPA council every six months, via the office of traineeship, a traineeship report, including the professional activities they performed during the said period, whether as per accounting, auditing, or expertise, according to the form established by the LACPA council in this regard.

A file shall be established for each trainee, whether in soft or printed copy, bearing a serial number, and including the traineeship documents and the periodical reports stated in the above paragraph 8.


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