Rules and Obligations

Civil Professional Companies


Practicing CPAs may establish between them Civil Professional Companies.


  • The partnership contracted must be written, and registered at the register of civil companies before the clerk office of the relevant first instance court, and in the special register for professional companies as stated in article 20 of the law organizing the profession, and the partnership contract shall include the following information:
    • Corporate objective
    • Names of the associates
    • Rights of the associates
    • Corporate duration and headquarters
    • Corporate signatory(ies) by virtue of a commercial circular.
  • Associates must register the company at the special register of companies in LACPA within two months of the incorporation, and must also inform LACPA of any amendment to the corporate contract within two months from the date of modification.
  • Associates shall be prohibited from using the name of the company before the due registration under penalty of applying the disciplinary penalties stated in article 43 of the law organizing the profession.

The auditing financial statements reports issued by the Professional Civil Companies shall be signed according to the International Auditing Standards.