Rights and obligations

Non practicing CPA


Definition of the non-practicing CPA

The non-practicing CPA is any natural person registered on the general list of LACPA, not practicing the profession according to the present bylaws, and not entitled to state opinions on financial statements as an auditor engaged by company’s shareholders/partners or by court.


Rights of the non-practicing CPA

The non-practicing CPA shall have the following rights:

  • Be registered in the general list
  • Be registered in the list of non-practicing CPA’s
  • Vote in the general assemblies of LACPA, including the right to take part in the elections, without the right to run election to any position in the LACPA Council or disciplinary council or any of the positions stipulated by the article 40 of the law organizing the profession.
  • Solicit to be registered on the list of practicing CPA’s upon fulfilment of the required conditions, provided that he/she shall not proceed with practicing the profession until after a resolution is issued by the LACPA council approving such request within two months from the date of application, otherwise the request shall be considered accepted as a matter of right, provided that he/she would accomplish a training session at the institution of training according to article 123 of the present bylaws.


Obligations of the non-practicing CPA

  1. Inform LACPA Council of any change or modification on his/her situation as a non-practicing CPA within two months of such.
  2. Abide by the enforced bylaws and regulations of LACPA, and all decisions of the LACPA council and the general assembly, especially those relevant to the non-practicing CPAs. 
  3. Refrain from declaring or leading to believe that he/she is a practicing CPA, provided that his/her statement of his statute as a CPA would include the term “non-practicing”. In all events, he she shall refrain from any public appearance relevant to the LACPA affairs without a prior written approval from the LACPA council under penalty of disciplinary pursuit.
  4. Pay the full subscription fee and other determined fees as provided for in article 46 of the present bylaws, under the penalty of writing off his/her name from the general list of LACPA in the event he/she failed to pay such subscriptions for two consecutive years according to the procedures stated in article 7 of the present bylaws.



Education: The duly registered CPA’s, whether practicing or non-practicing, except for those who attained the age of sixty, shall pursue their education and follow the technical development in the professional field, by attending the training sessions, seminars, conferences, and lectures organized by LACPA through its administrative and technical bodies, or in participation with international or local, private or public academic, financial or economic bodies or institutes, or those organized by competent academic institutions, upon the approval of the LACPA council, provided that his/her participation would not be less than forty hours per year according to the registers of LACPA.

The teaching or training hours undertaken by the CPA in universities or at the LACPA’s Institute of Educational and Academic Training shall be considered as participation hours, according to the concept of the present article.

In the event the CPA failed to pursue his/her education, according to the present article for two consecutive years, a warning letter shall be addressed stating the necessity of compensating any lack within the following year, under the penalty of referring him/her to the article 43 of the law organizing the profession.

Provisions of the present article shall be enforced starting the date of approving the present bylaws and shall not include the precedent period.