Internal regulations of the LACPA committees

Article One:

Once the committees are designated by the council, each of them shall be convened by the chairman, and in the presence of the competent coordinator, and shall elect a chairman and a rapporteur, and such meeting shall not be considered legal unless attended by the absolute majority of the concerned members.    


Article 2:

The committee shall gather upon a convening from its chairman, notified to the members through the general secretariat, along with the agenda of the session, to be determined by the chairman, in addition to the projects, propositions, or formalities that are relevant to the items of the agenda. In the event the chairman is unable to perform his/her tasks, the rapporteur shall convene the members according to the forms stated in the above paragraph.


Article 3:

The chairman shall chair and manage the sessions, and the rapporteur shall undertake the secretarial works, especially as per drafting the minutes, as well as establishing reports on subjects which the committee had studied, in order to deposit them before the council of the association.


Article 4:

In the event the rapporteur chaired the session, due to the incapacity of the chairman, a special rapporteur shall be elected to undertake the tasks of the original rapporteur.


Article 5

The committee shall approve the minutes of the former session before proceeding with the perusal of its agenda.


Article 6

The committee session shall be legal with the present members.


Article 7

The convention and the agenda shall be notified to the committee coordinator, who shall be entitled to attend the sessions according to his discretion. The committee may also convene the chairman of the association or any of the council members to attend the sessions, whenever needed.    


Article 8

The committee shall peruse the agenda items seriatim, according to the order agreed with the committee coordinator, within a maximum period of two weeks. As per items referred thereto by the association council, they shall be perused by the concerned committee within twenty days starting the day of their notification to the committee chairman, or within the deadline determined by the association council. 


Article 9

The committee resolutions shall be taken upon consensus, upon deliberation and discussion, and in the event consensus is not possible, voting shall be undertaken with the majority of present members, and in the event of equal votes, the chairman shall have the casting vote.


 Article 10

Proceedings of sessions shall be recorded in minutes drafted by the rapporteur, including various deliberated viewpoints and miscellaneous items, and the resolutions taken upon necessity, and shall sign the same with the chairman.  


Article 11

Upon accomplishing the perusal of a given project, the committee shall send it back to the association council, along with a relevant detailed report stating the final viewpoints and propositions on which the committee had agreed upon deliberation and discussions, provided that the council would decide on them within one month from the written notification of the chairman of the association as well as the committee, about the decision taken by the council. 


Article 12

Any committee member who is absent for three consecutive sessions without a legal justification shall be considered as resigned as a matter of right, and the committee chairman must notify the association council in order to take the appropriate decision.