Internal Bylaws

Amendment by resolution of LACPA Council MOM No 826 dated 30/06/2016

Internal Regulations

Resolution of the committee of Exams on the session no. 5 on 31/01/2012

And no. 15 on 05/02/2013

Resolution of the LACPA council no. 02/650 on 23/05/2012

Amendment by resolution of the LACPA council no. 2/772 on 04/09/2014


First: General

  • The committee shall be chaired, according to the article 8 of the law 364/1994, by one magistrate and four members who shall be financial, academic, and LACPA experts.
  • No one shall be entitled to be registered in the general schedule of experts and practice the profession in Lebanon or bear such title, until after succeeding in the exam adopted by such committee and decided in the LACPA Council.


Second: Tasks

  • Supervise the procedure and curriculum of the exams decided by the LACPA Council, in coordination with the general secretariat.
  • Propose amendment on the curriculum, in a manner that is compatible to the modern scientific and technical standards.
  • Prepare the executional structure of the exam, especially as per organizing them twice per year, as well as the required documents and the interviews when needed.
  • Establish the exam questions and correction criteria in English, French and Arabic, and refer to competent translators in this domain, except for Law which shall remain in Arabic.
  • Declare results.     


Third: Administrative Procedures

  • The committee shall observe the secrecy of deliberation, and abide by its obligations, and the chairman and members shall swear an oath on the integrity of commitment.
  • The committee shall be convened by its chairman.
  • The convening shall be dispatched within a minimum two-week prior to the session with a letter bearing the signature of the chairman, and determining the agenda.
  • In the event of emergency or necessity, the convening shall be dispatched within a prior period of three days, with the statement of the agenda.
  • Apologies for absence must be justified by a letter addressed to the chairman of the committee.
  • The minimal number of members required for the session to be considered duly and productively held is three (the chairman and two members).
  • Resolution shall be taken by consensus, and if such is not feasible, voting shall be proceeded with the absolute majority of the committee members, and the latter may refrain from voting. In the event of equal votes, the chairman shall have the casting vote, and the voting shall be public.  
  • Minutes of each session shall be registered in a special register adopted by the secretary who shall be charged thereof by virtue of the article 15 of the LACPA bylaws, and he/she shall not be entitled to vote. The said minutes shall be signed by the chairman and the charged secretary and shall be publically read in the first following session.
  • The session shall be administrated by the chairman, who shall ensure its well-functioning and pose the items stated on the agenda for discussion and take decisions thereon, by consensus or whenever he/she deems necessary.   
  • The chairman shall ensure the well-functioning of the work as well as the communication between members.
  • The chairman of the committee shall convene the members to attend sessions when needed for the sake of explanation and correction. The president of LACPA may attend the sessions, in coordination with the chairman of the committee, whenever needed, to follow-up on the work and the productivity thereof according to the powers vested upon him/her in article 13 of the LACPA bylaws, to supervise the work of all committees.
  • When the president of LACPA attends the sessions of the committee, he/she shall chair its meetings according to the powers vested upon him/her in article 40 of the Law organizing the profession, and article 26 of the LACPA bylaws, without the right to vote.


Fourth: Mechanism of Exams:

  • Recommending the LACPA council to provide the list of registration to the exams by interns, within a minimal duration of one month from the date of start of the exams, upon paying the fees for the year in which the exams are taking place, and fulfil all internship conditions provided for in paragraph 7 of the article 8 of the law 364/94
  • Solicit the LACPA council to declare the exam subjects within a minimal prior duration of three month, provided that the exam would be conducted twice per year, during the first half of June and the first half of December.
  • A special room shall be dedicated to the exam committee in the headquarters of LACPA.
  • The committee shall distribute amongst its members, based on the specialization, the subjects of the exam according to the curriculum of exam question, with the possibility of referring to one or more sworn translator(s), after obtaining a written undertaking from the latter to maintain the secrecy of the exam, under the penalty of disciplinary and penal lawsuit if necessary.
  • The committee of exams shall be entitled to coordinate with the committee of training and the scientific committee whenever needed.  
  • The exams shall be discreetly printed inside the exam room, and the computer put at the disposition of the committee shall be deposited within a coded safe relevant to the committee, and may only be opened by two secret numbers held by the president of LACPA and the chairman of the committee.
  • Drafting of questions and answers, and distribution of grades and success average, along with the adopted criteria shall be conducted within one meeting concluded by the committee inside the exam room on the exam day. Members of the committee shall remain meeting until achieving the distribution of the exams papers under the supervision of its chairman who shall sign the samples of questions.  
  • Exam papers shall be corrected inside the meeting room in the LACPA headquarters.
  • The committee should ensure and verify that the exam papers bear serial numbers, and the identity of the candidate is concealed, and the printouts are organized according to the stated purpose, namely concealing identities.
  • Correction of each subject shall be performed separately by two correctors who are members of the committee, whereas each of them shall post the final grade on a special schedule bearing his/her name and signature, and including the fake serial number of the exam paper and the posted grade.
  • The grades posted by the two teachers shall be compared:
    • In the event the difference does not exceed two points, an average grade shall be adopted. In the event the difference is one of failure, the paper shall be re-corrected.
    • In the event the difference exceeds two points, the paper shall be re-corrected, and the final agreed grade shall be adopted with the signature of both correctors and the committee chairman.
    • The qualification average shall be established, when necessary and before opening the exam papers.
  • The calculation of the result shall require that the applicant would succeed in one out of four subjects, and success in one subject will be considered. Resolution applicable effective 30/06/2016 ( LACPA Council MOM No 826)


  1. Declaring the results

Results shall be declared as follows:

  • Discreetly and personally
  • No objection on the result shall be taken into consideration.


  1. The oral interview included in the power to supervise the exam:

The personal interview aims at verifying the eligibility of the candidate to practice the profession through:

  • Being acquainted with the person.
  • assessing the cultural profile
  • Verifying the morality 

The interview shall be limited to such aspects, which are highly important and useful for assessment.