Lean Accounting and Management: Saving Money by Streamlining Operations

Lean Accounting and Management: Saving Money by Streamlining Operations
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CPE Self Study 2018
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Companies using Lean Accounting have better information for decision making, use simple and timely reports that are clearly understood by everyone in the company and focus their business around the value created from their customers. With this CPE course, learn to minimize waste and create wealth in your organization through a lean accounting and management approach that improves profitability by streamlining operations. Provide customer value through target-costing and eliminate waste through value-stream management. Improve flow through capacity management. Achieve perfection through continuous process improvement. Those in both manufacturing and service industries can benefit from the techniques presented in this course.

Learning Objectives
▪ Formulate a plan to increase profitability by increasing value to customers and clients
▪ Identify ways to create excellence and customer-driven performance
▪ Assess ways to improve the flow of products and services to the client
▪ Evaluate critical processes to create perfection through continuous process improvement

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