The new LACPA Council receives congratulations visits for the election

Sunday, 17 June 2018 - 3:00am

President Sarkis Sakr and the new LACPA council received congratulation visits at the LACPA premises.

Visitors featured: his excellency Mr. Raed Khoury, Minister of Economy and Trade, representing his Excellency, the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel AOUN; former LACPA Presidents; Judge Jean Fahed, President of the Supreme Judicial Council; Judge Fawzi Khamis, the Prosecutor General of the Audit Bureau;  Director General of the Ministry of Justice, Judge Mayssam Al Noueiri, Dr. Joseph Tarabay, President of the Association of Banks in Lebanon; Mr. Ziad Bekdash, Representative of the Lebanese Industrialists Association; Judge Jamal Khoury; Mr. Louay Hajj Shehadeh, Director of Revenues at the Ministry of Finance; and representatives of liberal professions in various political parties , Presidents of  Liberal Professions in Lebanon and a large number of LACPA members.

President Sakr welcomed the attendees and extended his sincere gratitude to his Excellency, the President of the Lebanese Republic, for his congratulations to the association and ensured the full support of the LACPA through active participation in the reform program.

Minister Khoury congratulated President Sakr on behalf of President Aoun and valued the role of the association in the future reforms through active involvement and cooperation to enhance credibility, and hence, the investment’s climate since “the economic plan” will be the main national objective after the parliamentary elections.



Calendar Date: 
Wednesday, 25 April 2018 - 3:00am