Training on Value Added Taxes

Friday, 13 March 2015 - 2:00am
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Series of workshops on Value Added Taxes in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance

In the framework of the protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, LACPA organized with the Ministry a series of workshops on the decision no. 1/140 regarding the addition of accounts relevant to the Value Added Tax to the annex no. 2 (General accounting structure for enterprises – Lists of Accounts) of the decision of the Ministry of Finance no. 1/111 on the date of 22/02/1982 and amendments thereof (procedures for implementation of the general accounting structure). 

The said workshops were organized on 05, 10 and 13 of March, 2015 at the LACPA headquarters in Beirut.

Such workshop were given by controllers from the directorate of VAT at the Ministry of Finance in coordination with Dr. Roger Loutfi, head of the department of services of Taxpayers in the directorate of VAT, and Ms. Darine Kfoury, main controller annexed to the VAT director.